Jason R. Stevens, CFA

Co-founder | Developer | Quant
Tincre, Recondite Capital, University of Chicago

I love encountering undefined and difficult to solve, understand, or digest problems.


At Tincre we harmonize the business of the web. We build software and services that dynamically assess, value, and bound asset risk premia to fundamentally alter the business processes of digital creation.

Everything is valuable to something. Tincre brands connect that something with value.

Our brands:

Recondite Capital

I own and operate an Investment Advisor, Recondite Capital, registered in Illinois state. Absolutely no commentary herein regards investment advice, recommendations, or solicitations to buy and/or sell securities.

University of Chicago

I am a teaching assistant for the FX Derivatives Course taught by Tony Capozzoli within the Financial Mathematics department at the University of Chicago.

I also earned my Master of Science in Financial Mathematics from this department.

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The Web

You can actively catch me on Stack Overflow, Gitlab, Github and Twitter.

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